Business Litigation

Tamari Law Group, LLC attorneys represent clients in business disputes.  Initially, our objective is to resolve disputes prior to litigation.  When settlement is unlikely, our attorneys are prepared to advocate our clients' positions in court.

Our attorneys handle a broad range of business disputes including the following areas:

  • Business Owner DisputesConflict between and among business owners is common.  Business owners often disagree on business strategy.  Our lawyers can assist in resolving shareholder and partnership issues to provide businesses with the opportunity to focus on their business objectives; 
  • Business Tort Litigation:  Litigation arising from Defamation, Tortuous Interference with Contract and Prospective Business Relationships and Trade Secret Misappropriation are examples of business tort matters in which businesses may be involved.  Firm lawyers have experience in these areas and will collaborate with clients on suitable strategies to meet client objectives;  
  • Contractual Disputes: Disputes arise regarding the material provisions of the parties'  agreements.  Whether the dispute relates to member or shareholder agreements, royalty agreements, licensing agreements, investment agreements, non-compete clauses or otherwise, our lawyers will attempt to negotiate a resolution prior to initiating a breach of contract action;
  • Third-Party Disputes:  Litigation may arise when a third-party complains of an entity's products or services.  Such disputes may include disagreements with manufacturers, suppliers or vendors.  Our firm aims to reduce our clients' liability while developing appropriate strategies for the parties to maintain their commercial relationship;
  • Disputes relating to Mergers and Acquisitions:  Entity restructuring involves legal principles from shareholder to successor liability. Discussing such contemplated transactions with our attorneys prior to a transaction's closing often serves to prevent future disputes from arising.  

If you are involved in a commercial dispute, our attorneys are ready to assist, please contact our offices today.

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